• Handrolled Waterboiled Bagels

    Our handrolled, kettleboiled Bagels come in two sizes: Big & Mini

    We are always keeping your health in mind and will only use unbleached – unbromated flour in our bagel making process.

    Now also serving delicious SPELT BAGELS!

    Our Spelt Bagels are made with 100% organic spelt flour to benefit your Digestive System. They have a nutty flavor, high protein & a broad spectrum of nutrients. Spelt is preferred by many people who are intolerant of modern wheat.


    Our Handrolled Kettleboiled Bagels
    plain, sesame, poppy, onion, garlic, rye (with seeds), everything, cinnamon raisin, egg, multi-grain, whole wheat, whole wheat everything, whole wheat oats & raisins, whole wheat sesame, pumpernickel & salt


    One Dozen Bagels
    Get 2 FREE!


    Bialy or Kaiser Roll


    Mini Bagel
    All flavors except onion, salt, & garlic

    ***Please call for current pricing and availability***