Bagels - Cream Cheeses - Sandwiches - Hot Breakfast - Smoked Fish - Baked Goods - Coffee

Continental Breakfast ($8.45 pp)

An assortment of our hand-rolled, kettle-boiled bagels &
our own cream
cheese spreads. We also provide muffins &
Parisian croissants.
Tropicana orange juice is also included.

Hot Breakfast ($5.45 pp)

Scrambled-eggs, sausages and bacon held hot on sternos.
This item is provided only as a supplement to the Continental Breakfast. (20 PERSON MINIMUM)

Smoked Fish ($16.95 pp)

Our smoked salmon served with an assortment of our kettle-boiled bagels & our own cream cheese spreads.
Homemade whitefish salad & veggies are also provided.

Sandwich Basket ($10.95 pp)

An assortment of our signature sandwiches and our homemade tuna and chicken salad prepared on wraps. Our kettle-boiled bagels or Kaiser rolls can be substituted.

Coffee Service ($2.95 pp)

Our delicious home-roasted single origin drip coffee.
Sweeteners, milk & paper goods included.
                   (25 PERSON MINIMUM)

Bakery Tray ($4.45 pp)

An assortment of mini muffins & petite Parisian croissants.

Prices include complete paper setup, but do not include NY Sales Tax. Minimum order applies. Delivery fee may apply. Currently servicing Manhattan and Northwest Queens (Astoria).

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